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The portability of digital programmes has helped create a resurgence of interest in audio – where the quality’s right, the pictures are better on the wireless.

It’s cheaper than film too of course. So you might want to create a podcast that promotes your expertise and your experts. We produce audio discussion programmes on legal subjects: ‘In our time’ for lawyers.

Legal know-how publisher Practical Law has commissioned us to produce a whole series of them, and they get hundreds of hits. Click here for the full list on Practical Law’s podcast homepage. If you’re a subscriber you can access them freely from there. If not, you could sign up for a free trial.

Click on the icons to the right to hear one-minute excerpts from some Practical Law podcasts.

Here’s how we could do it for you:

  • We thoroughly research the subject, guided by you.
  • We write a treatment of questions and outline answers, with your input, so that the discussion can flow freely.
  • We record in a studio with a magician masquerading as a recording engineer.

There’s no pressure:

  • the recording is low-key and totally flexible
  • if we want to re-record bits we can
  • We edit afterwards to make it flow and ensure it sounds fluent and succinct
Here’s what they say about our podcasts
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